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The TB9100 P25 base station/repeater offers reliable continuous duty cycle operation at a range of temperatures and altitudes. Flexible, modular design combined with intuitive programming software make the TB9100 an ideal P25 solution for conventional, trunked and simulcast mission critical networks. In addition, the TB9100 transportable repeater is ideal for use in emergency situations such as accidents or natural disasters, and for tactical operations everywhere from remote or inaccessible locations to densely built-up urban environments. It is available in 50 and 100W configurations in a range of popular frequency bands.

Interoperable and versatile

Fully P25-compliant, the TB9100 can be configured as a base station/repeater in a digital P25, analog FM or mixed-mode radio network.

Totally flexible Task Manager

Routines and code can be written quickly and easily allowing fast development and delivery of value-adding custom applications.

Convenient Windows-based software programming

Change over 150 parameters with intuitive drop downs, tick boxes and other easy-to-master software commands. Tait’s Customer Service Software makes the TB9100 easy to configure and upgrade.

IP connection for ease of diagnostics

No special equipment will be needed to ensure total control of your base station/repeater. Connect and configure alerts and alarms, monitor performance and administer the site remotely.

Integrated VoIP networking with voting

Network your TB9100s using VoIP with built-in distributed or centralized voting.

Transportable option

Utilising the same reliable software-based platform that has made the TB9100 an industry leader, the lightweight analog and P25 digital transportable repeaters are packaged in ruggedised cases. The transportable repeater includes a lightning arrester and the pelican case is available in multiple colors to suit the application.



  • Outstanding RF performance including selectivity and fast key-up times is assured
    in adverse conditions due to intelligent radio design
  • Tested in a recognized P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) laboratory
    for interoperability and performance
  • Dual mode operation for ease of analog-to-digital migration and seamless per-call switching between FM and P25
  • Remote programming and software licenses reduce the need for site visits and hardware upgrades
  • Smart AC/DC switching to ensure continuity
    of service
  • Supports P25 open standard DES and AESencryption
  • Built-in test equipment provides self-monitoring with local and remote logging of alarms
  • RF linking allows network coverage to be extended without the need for high capacity digital bearers
  • Digital console interfaces are provided for IP-connected consoles (DFSI for P25 conventional and CSSI for P25 trunked)
  • An analog line interface for (4-wire + E&M) allows connection to legacy analog consoles


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