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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Walkie-Talkie

Factory technician holding a walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies are still the go-to communication tool for a huge range of scenarios. Both for business and private use, the convenience, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of a walkie-talkie make it the perfect choice. But, this popularity means there is a huge range of walkie-talkies to choose from. For the buyer, this can be confusing. This guide […]

Benefits of Walkie-Talkies for Managing Sports Events

The logistics of organising any size of sports event can cause major headaches. Walkie-talkies can make the job so much easier by providing simple, clear, and simple communication. By doing this, two-way radios can help any sports event run smoothly. Whether it is a school sports day, the annual village hurling match, or a football […]

Must-Have Accessories for Walkie-Talkies

walkie-talkie accessories

Walkie-talkies are a perfect communication solution for both private and business uses. Simple to use and offering Push-to-talk, crystal clear communication – walkie-talkies are essential in many businesses, outdoor activities, and even as a fun way to keep the kids amused. There is a massive range of accessories available for most quality branded walkie-talkies. These […]

The Benefits Of Using Walkie-Talkies For Your Summer Event

Young couple hiking while holding walkie talkies

With summer rapidly approaching and the spectre of Covid slowly fading, this year will see plenty of summer events taking place. Regardless of the size and type of event you are organising or helping with, walkie-talkies can help with safety, planning, and the smooth running of your event. With instant one-to-many communication, crystal clear audio, […]

This Easter Keep The Kids Entertained With Fun Walkie-Talkie Games

Fun kids walkie talkies games

The Easter holidays are fast approaching, and the summer holidays are just around the corner. For parents, this means it is time to face the annual challenge of keeping the kids amused. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! This article has some fantastic suggestions to keep the kids happy, enthused, and even educated, with […]

Why Walkie-Talkies Are Essential For Marine And Sailing Activities

Whether you are a professional seaman, port worker, or just run a small canoe club, walkie-talkies are an essential and versatile tool. This article discusses the main uses and benefits of walkie-talkies in a marine environment and offers advice on choosing the right 2-way radio. The Benefits of Walkie-Talkies in a Marine Environment We have […]

Walkie-Talkies VS Mobile Phones – Which Is Best For Your Communication Needs?

Man holding a broken smartphone

Whether for business or personal purposes, there are thousands of situations where clear and instant communication is essential. It might be for safety reasons, business efficiency, or just keeping in touch with the kids in the garden. Whatever the reason, keeping lines of communication open is hugely beneficial. Two of the main tools for achieving […]

Improve Health And Safety In The Workplace With Walkie-Talkies

Group of engineers on a construction site.

Managing health and safety in the workplace is a critical task that needs to be assessed on an ongoing basis. This is particularly essential in working environments that are known to have a high element of danger. Construction is a prime example of a dangerous industry. During 2019, there were 46 deaths on construction sites […]

Choosing The Right Walkie-Talkie – A Buyers Guide

Factory supervisor holding a tablet and a walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies are incredibly versatile tools that, even in the age of the mobile phone, are still the go-to communication option in a huge range of scenarios. For the consumer, this popularity means that when it comes to choosing the right two-way radio solution, the choice can seem bewildering. The sheer range of models and options […]

Why Walkie-Talkies May Be The Best Gift For Your Kids This Christmas

kids playing with walkie talkies

I am sure that for many parents thinking of the best gift for their kids this Christmas, walkie-talkies might not be at the top of the list. But in actual fact, walkie-talkies might just be the best and most versatile gift that you can give your kids. In today’s world, it seems that kids spend […]