Golf is a popular sport; there is no doubt about that. It’s referred to as a relaxing sporting pastime by those who enjoy the game; however, for the field maintenance and other workers within the industry, maybe not so much.

Think about the vast amount of land which has to be covered, usually around 100 acres when you consider a typical 18-hole golf course. For staff that usually means being spread far and wide and although they generally have Golf buggy access to get around, communicating at those distances can be tricky. Take, for instance, the amount of communication we are talking about here with the vast amount of staff in operation, and it quickly adds up the business costs, especially if its regular mobile phone usage. 

So, who is in operation on the Golf course?

Teaching professionals, course managers, greenkeepers, pro-shop staff, caddies, timekeepers, and maintenance! All of those involved need regular interaction with one another in order to keep things running as smooth as possible, to offer the best possible service to customers. Two-way radios allow swift and effective communication, and unlike mobile phones, they are far more efficient. Communications via Walkie-Talkie are instant and free to use, they are also extremely durable- which is ideal for outdoor usage- and in terms of security and quality, they deliver exactly what you need.

Here are some of the added benefits!

  • Health and safety aspects – fast, rapid response to any emergency situation on the golf course, such as a customer falling ill or obtaining injury during the game. Ability to be able to send out the warning signs if a storm if brewing or to report on any security concerns.
  • Maintenance – Field maintenance and greenkeepers need to be able to regular report issues on the green, such as some repair work or hazards.
  • Tournament management – Enables a smooth tournament with precise communications between all those involved, such as organisers, pro-shop workers, timekeepers, security, refs, marshals, and officials.
  • Managing resources – teaching staff have regular notification of arrivals, caddie’s availability, carts, and equipment, which is on hand to use.
  • Sales – managing stock availability for all beverage stops, including catering outlets, pro-shops, and drinks carts.
  • Player satisfaction – every golf club knows that if the customer is happy with the service and the condition of the playing greens, they are most likely to return time and time again. Regular radio-controlled communication via Walkie-Talkie is the ideal way to enable staff to run an effective well-maintained business that ultimately keeps the customer happy.

Walkie-talkies are bound to be put through their paces on the Golf Green, or any other outside sport with vast acres, for that matter, the good thing is these handy gadgets like the Motorola T92 H20 twin pack can withstand almost any conditions with little or no interference.