Smartphones have become an indispensable tool in the daily life of both businesses and individuals. Nevertheless, they come with some associated inconveniences when it comes to business use, such as being somewhat fragile and also time-consuming to operate. Calling someone, waiting for them to answer, create a conference call, etc. – not to mention the subsequent phone bills.

Therefore, they present less than ideal options for businesses that require a faster and more practical form of communication, a more durable device or both. Industries that demand constant instant communications between several staff members have long been turning to two-way radio systems. Not only do these allow for speedier communication by a push of a button but are also more dependable and robust options.

So, what are the key industries that call upon two-way radios?


Construction sites are hazardous environments that present several liabilities for workers. Extensive coordination and communication are required and critical when dealing with the constant movement of heavy objects and a large workforce. For these reasons and more, two-way radios are the obvious choice when it comes to the construction industry which along with providing direct communication are also robust, durable and able to withstand tremendous abuse such as falls and tumbles, heavy dust and weather elements. Two-way radios are also lightweight and can be buckled in a belt or harness and are always at hand for incoming messages or alerting others.


Hospitality and Event Management is another area where the use of two-way radios is essential since it requires coordination between several members of the staff spread apart from each other.

Devices like the Motorola Walkie Talkie CLP446 have been conceived with restaurants in mind presenting a lighter weight design than previous models making it less obtrusive and ideal for service staff.

Larger events also demand specialised devices to help deal with crews spread through a vast area needing powerful two-way radios to reach everyone.

Emergency Services:

Emergencies require immediate and decisive communication between numerous parties amidst chaotic situations such as medical emergencies or fires, where time management is key. There is no way to plan ahead or schedule actions, making radios vital for on the fly communication, allowing to save precious time and possibly lives.


One of the most recognisable uses of two-way radios or walkie-talkies is in the hands of security professionals. These agents have depended on radios for a long time in their duty for a swift flow of communication and managing the mobility of personnel in urgent situations that demand a quick response like thefts, accidents or any contingent circumstances.

Tech-wise, Security is an industry that requires devices that can resist the daily scruff and be rough and ready with the added requisite of having to transmit high-wattage frequencies over a large area.


Most retail businesses depend on warehouses to store and move their supplies and products. This requires a high level of coordination between the workforce to properly arrange what comes in and out and what needs to be stored and where.

Floor managers rely on two-way radio messaging as it allows for instant directions reaching staff members at any point of the facility. This also makes the warehouse a safer workplace due to any alert being carried in real-time.

These are only a few of the many diverse industries that rely on two-way radio communication as an important part of their operations.

Regardless of the business or area, Lynn Communications can provide the right solution to improve your instant communications.