Walkie-talkies are a perfect communication solution for both private and business uses. Simple to use and offering Push-to-talk, crystal clear communication – walkie-talkies are essential in many businesses, outdoor activities, and even as a fun way to keep the kids amused.

There is a massive range of accessories available for most quality branded walkie-talkies. These can take the already superb functionality to an even greater level.

From simplifying the process of communication between individuals and even teams to headsets that protect the ears in noisy environments, here is our list of must-have accessories for walkie-talkies:

Spare Batteries

Most walkie-talkies have superb battery life already, with some models able to operate up to 18hrs on a single charge. But even then, the addition of a spare battery or even two can be a huge boon.

For instance, many hikers and campers use walkie-talkies when in the wilderness with friends and family. In these cases, the addition of a spare battery to the packing list is incredibly useful. The wilderness isn’t known for its abundance of charging ports, so a spare battery or two ensures your walkie-talkie functions for the duration of your hiking or camping trip.

Spare batteries don’t cost the earth, so if you need to prolong the working time of your two-way radio, they are the perfect solution when there are limited charging facilities. It is also handy to carry a spare battery to quickly get you back up and running in the unlikely event of a battery failure.

Belt Clips and Carry Cases

Using a good quality carry case or belt clip is a great way to keep your walkie-talkie handy and also helps to keep it in the best condition. These come in a wide range of designs and models, so there is a perfect choice for all occasions.

Carry cases, and belt clips are also brilliant for when the walkie-talkie is paired with a hands-free microphone and/or earphone. Some of the types of carrying cases and clips available are listed below:

  • Lanyards
  • Soft cases for transport
  • Leather and nylon Carry Cases
  • Holsters
  • Belt Clips

Chargers and Charging Accessories

Using the right walkie-talkie charger for your walkie-talkie is a sure way of prolonging the life of its battery. It is always useful to have spare chargers as accidents can happen and having a spare ready to go makes sure there is little or no downtime.

They are also useful if you are using your walkie-talkie at more than one location. For example, you could have a charger in your office and also on the warehouse floor. There are also multi-chargers available for many of the most popular models. These are great for when teams of workers all use walkie-talkies to stay connected. (e.g. security teams, manufacturing workers, etc.)

For a cost-effective way of prolonging the life of your walkie-talkie and making sure it is ready when you are, then make sure you have the right charger for the purpose.

Earpieces and Headsets

Earpieces and headsets are essential kits for when a hands-free operation is required. These free up the user to communicate effortlessly with their associates without tying up their hands!

There are many different types of headsets and earpieces available to suit a whole range of scenarios. But the one common factor found across the entire range is the enhanced levels of convenience and usability they provide.

Hearing Protection Headsets

Taking the convenience of earpieces and headsets to a different level are hearing protection headsets. These are essential accessories for noisy workplaces where hearing protection is normally worn.

Hearing protection headsets use noise cancelling technology to keep the wearer protected from loud noises. The clever bit is that many of them incorporate two-way radios into their design. This combination allows crystal clear communication and hearing protection in the noisiest of environments.

For further safety, there are even two-way radio headsets that are incorporated into hard hats with built-in ear protectors.


The right accessories for your walkie-talkie can help you get the most out of them. At Lynn Communications, we stock a massive range of accessories, batteries, and spare parts for many of the top brands, including Motorola, Kenwood, and Hytera. We can also supply hearing protection headsets manufactured by 3M, one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Why not contact us today and find out more about our extensive range of walkie-talkie accessories.