Government Two Way Radios

Today radio systems are in use by all government agencies. From local government and municipal services to public safety and security forces like An Garda Siochana. Lynn Communications can provide and support all of these organizations two way radio and critical communication needs.

The size of the organization and its requirements decide the type of radio communication system to be installed. We find that a lot of the time the communication needs of an out of hours service are very different to those of an 8 hour day user or team.

At Lynn Communications we realize that providing reliable robust premium brand solutions ensures the customer with the desired communication system which is then supported going forward by expert team who are available on call at any time.

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Case Study

Civil Defence is a volunteer based organization that supports the front line emergency services. We also assist our local communities. Civil Defence has 3,500 volunteer members throughout Ireland.

Civil Defence operates a number of radio communications systems. These include:

V.H.F (Very High Frequency) system which provides wide-area radio coverage. This is a national system that incorporates a network of radio base stations and hill-top radio repeater sites throughout the country. This enables communications between the headquarters and Civil Defence vehicles in each county area.

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Recommended Features

Man Down Protection

The man down feature automatically alerts when lone workers are injured or fall unconscious.

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Lone Worker Protection

When working alone it presents many different risks such as work related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

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Asset Tracking

Hospital asset tracking solutions that provide staff with pin point locations on critical medical assets and devices.

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Real Time Location System

An RTLS solution protect people by providing real time information about their location when in need.

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