With the demand for discreet communication among staff teams in order to retain peace and tranquility we all expect from a hotel break, two way radios and their respective accessories are an easy and cost effective way to keep communication among staff whilst being discreet. From the front desk to kitchen staff, security staff and house management Lynn Communications can install a two way radio system that ticks all the boxes. From small hostels to five star hotels, we have the best solutions, products and services for your hospitality business.

Small hostels and hotels will require lightweight license free radios to cover small distances, while medium size hotels may look at licensed 4-watt radios that give them the coverage they require at low cost.

A complete communication solution can be provided to large multi-story hotels with a large quantity of rooms and leisure centres. If this is the case, we can supply a repeater unit to boost the signal. This is generally placed centrally in the building, with antennas placed strategically on different floors.

Multi-channel radios allow each department to have their own channel. This provides seamless communication among many different teams.  Managers can monitor all channels to keep in constant communication with each department throughout the day or night.

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Case Study

To help keep its reputation as one of the best hotels in the capital – City West Hotel turned to Lynn Communication to install a bespoke, two way radio system.

City West is a premier luxury hotel based in Dublin City.  Their customers require their accommodation to be quiet, and in tip top condition.  To maintain these high standards, the hotel needed to equip their security and maintenance teams with advanced radios.

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