Two Way Radios For Pharmaceutical Companies

With the pharmaceutical industry booming in Ireland with new studies and vaccines becoming a growing requirement in today’s world. Pharmaceutical companies are reaching out to companies like Lynn Communications to provide the latest communication and safety solutions available.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies we have dealt with in the past are now switching to an app based solution. The benefit of this is your mobile phone becomes an all in one solution. For example we can incorporate the following via an app; Indoor and outdoor location tracking, man down, lone worker, voice and data communication, fire alarm panel integration, remote access, geo fencing and asset tracking to name just a few.

All of the above features can be routed back to a central control office or security with a dispatch software meaning that 24/7 365 monitoring is available with easy integration from our expert engineers.

Another possibility is to use a conventional digital two way radio system with all of the benefits of the app solution in terms of products, equipment and service a two way radio handset. The real benefit here is that Lynn Communications can provide a solution that works and meets the requirements of your business.

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Case Study

Abbott established their first manufacturing facility in Ireland in 1974 in Sligo. With further investment, they transitioned from a manual to fully automated operation, with state-of-the-art automated manufacturing lines.

Our brief was to provide a communication system that provided 100% communication coverage throughout the factory incorporating man down and full indoor location tracking when an emergency was raised.

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Recommended Features

Man Down Protection

The man down feature automatically alerts when lone workers are injured or fall unconscious.

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Lone Worker Protection

When working alone it presents many different risks such as work related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

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Asset Tracking

Hospital asset tracking solutions that provide staff with pin point locations on critical medical assets and devices.

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