Panic Alarms for Psychiatry Safety

Any psychiatric ward is in need of a reliable and quick protection solution for their staff to protect against potentially violent patients.

At Lynn Communications we have solutions that are built to increase staff safety and alert others to a distress situation, as soon as it arises. Our advanced system allows for the discreet activation of emergency buttons on handheld devices, ensuring swift notification to colleagues. Additionally, staff location is automatically communicated, reducing response time during critical incidents.

Wearable Wireless and Discreet Panic Alerting Devices.

Bluetooth ID Badge

Our Bluetooth ID badge appears as a normal ID cardholder, concealing a built-in panic button. This covert design ensures that nobody will know that it has a built in panic button on the back of the device.

Compact Panic Button

Our compact panic buttons offer a versatile solution for panic alarm activation. They can be easily carried or mounted in strategic locations for quick access in case of emergencies.

Mountable Panic Buttons

Fixed mounted wireless panic buttons for dedicated rooms

For dedicated rooms, we provide fixed-mounted wireless panic buttons. These buttons are strategically installed in specific areas to ensure immediate access to emergency alerts when needed.

Wall-Mounted Display

Wall-Mounted Display

Our system includes a wall-mounted display that serves as an additional layer of security. Employees can be notified of emergencies even if they are not in front of their PC or if their smartphone is not readily available. This ensures that critical alerts are never missed, improving overall response efficiency.

With Lynn Communications’ panic alarm solutions, psychiatric wards can enhance staff safety and create a secure environment. Our innovative devices and comprehensive system streamline emergency response protocols, reducing potential risks and increasing peace of mind. Contact us now to implement our state-of-the-art panic alarm system designed specifically for psychiatric safety.