The benefits of walkie-talkies and how to choose the perfect two-way radios for your business.

Walkie-talkies are essential for hospitality establishments that want to improve the guest experience and add value to the business. Due to their simplicity of use, effectiveness, and cost, they are the go-to tool for hospitality businesses in the know.

A report compiled by Motorola confirms this fact. The survey reveals that 60% of hospitality businesses use two-way radios as their primary form of communication.

This guide gives you an insight into the effectiveness of walkie-talkies in the hospitality industry. It also provides some useful pointers on how to choose the best walkie-talkies for your business.

Read on to find out more about why walkie-talkies should be the perfect communications solution for your hospitality business.

The main uses for walkie-talkies in hospitality

The versatility of walkie-talkies means there are many potential scenarios where two-way radios can be an essential aid. Here are just a few of the areas where walkie-talkies have proven themselves invaluable:


The hospitality industry requires coordinated housekeeping to keep rooms turning over and guests happy. Walkie-talkies keep housekeeping managers connected with their teams to facilitate a smooth and effective housekeeping regime.


Security teams require instant and clear communication to keep guests, staff, and properties safe. All types of hospitality operations require security at some level. Walkie-talkies ensure that security teams are coordinated and can quickly respond to any situation.


The whole customer experience, from seating to paying, can be enhanced with the use of walkie-talkies. Whether it is the kitchen staff informing the waiting staff of changes to the menu, or the manager responding timeously to a complaint, walkie-talkies offer a multitude of uses for restaurants.


Hospitality venues can live or die on the strength of their reputation. One sure way to lose a reputation is with poor maintenance procedures. Keeping a maintenance team on top of maintenance requirements and ensuring work is properly prioritised is made easy with walkie-talkies.


Organising a major event like a wedding or a conference can be a logistical nightmare. Good communication is essential for events to run smoothly, and that is what walkie-talkies bring to the table.

Walkie-talkies let all the involved parties stay in contact with each other. Communication is seamless and can be one-to-one or one-to-many.

What Features are Important when Choosing Walkie-Talkies for the Hospitality Industry

Walkie-talkies come in many different flavours. To help you choose the right model for your hospitality business, we have listed some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your radios.

  • Battery Life – Opt for models that offer plenty of usage from a single charge. Many models, like the Motorola DP1400, offer outstanding battery life. Other factors to look for are models with fast charging and interchangeable batteries.
  • Compatible accessories – Look for models that are compatible with accessories like headsets and microphones. The functionality of radios is greatly increased with hands-free options. For instance – The Kenwood NX-1000 series has a fantastic range of accessories to help streamline communications.
  • VHF or UHF – VHF radios offer a longer range for less power. However, VHF frequencies do not penetrate obstacles well, which makes them less suited to working indoors or in urban scenarios. UHF radios are better suited to working indoors or in urban areas. A great example of this type of walkie-talkie is the Kenwood TK-3701DE.
  • Backlit LCD – Atmospheric or dim lighting that is often present in hospitality settings means you should opt for a walkie-talkie model that has a backlit screen. This makes operations easy in any light.
  • Lightweight – Weight is important when staff are working long shifts under tough circumstances. The lighter, the better, but also look for models that come with belt clips.
  • Robust – All good walkie-talkies are built to last. But if you are likely to use your radios in outdoor settings, then opt for radios that are water-resistant at the very least.

The Motorola DP1400 rises to the challenge again in this category. It is environmentally sealed to IP54 specification, making it perfect for outdoor use. It also boasts UHF and VHF functionality, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Following the above guidelines when choosing walkie-talkies will help to ensure you get the perfect radios for your hospitality business.

Walkie-Talkies – Communications Simplified

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