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Why Walkie-Talkies are Essential for Security at Summer Events

Group of young people at a Summer concert.

Whether you are organising a school sports day or a major event, the benefits of using walkie-talkies for security cannot be overstated. For instant and easy communication on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, walkie-talkies are always the go-to tool for security professionals. They are versatile, robust, reliable, and easy to operate. This makes them perfect […]

How to Choose the Best Walkie-Talkie for Winter Activities

A hiker talking over a walkie talkie on a mountain snow landscape.

Whether it is for commercial or personal use, walkie-talkies are versatile tools that can help maintain safety and productivity during the dark winter months. Choosing the right walkie-talkie for winter is important. After all, this being an Irish winter, there is a definite chance of rain! So, waterproof radios should always be on the checklist. […]

Walkie-Talkies VS Mobile Phones – Which Is Best For Your Communication Needs?

Man holding a broken smartphone

Whether for business or personal purposes, there are thousands of situations where clear and instant communication is essential. It might be for safety reasons, business efficiency, or just keeping in touch with the kids in the garden. Whatever the reason, keeping lines of communication open is hugely beneficial. Two of the main tools for achieving […]