Great communication is essential for a workforce to operate efficiently.

As companies that have put great emphasis on enabling smooth and easy-to-use collaboration methods have already discovered – effective communication means:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased safety
  • Increases efficiency
  • Lower costs

One of the tools that companies with effective communication can’t be without are two-way radios. Walkie-talkies are a cost-effective, simple-to-use, instant, and multi-faceted method of enabling communication within a workforce.

Here are just some of the reasons that companies with great internal communications rely on two-way radios.

Simplified Communications

These days it might seem like all communication is instant. Emails, messaging, mobile phones, and companies own internal systems all make communication seem effortless.

However, in situations where truly instant, reliable, and crystal-clear communication is required, nothing can beat two-way radios. There is no need to dial numbers, no call charges, no wondering if your message has been received, and no reliance on a mobile signal. With two-way radios, it is simply a case of click and talk.

Amongst the benefits that walkie-talkies bring to the workplace are:

  • Instant communication
  • One-to-one or one-to-many broadcasts
  • Digital radios include text and data facilities
  • Simple to use

With large ranges and long battery life, walkie-talkies are a versatile, essential form of communication that can play a key part in a business’s communication policy.

Improve safety in the workplace

Keeping a workforce safe is vital for any business. Minimising the risks of accidents happening and improving the response time should the worse happen is essential in the workplace.

Walkie-talkie radios are designed with industry and business in mind, and apart from the obvious fact that improved communication enhances safety, most radios come with several safety features built-in, including:

  • Man down function – A simple feature that automatically sends a distress signal if sensors detect unusual movement that could be caused by a fall.
  • Lone Worker – This relies on a lone worker to acknowledge they are okay by pressing any button on their radio at pre-set time intervals. If the worker fails to interact with the radio, an alert is broadcast.
  • Emergency button – An easy to access switch allows workers to send an alert that they are in trouble.

Cost benefits

Two-way radios can replace the use of mobile phones in many situations. Smartphones and even basic mobile phones have associated monthly fees and call charges that can quickly mount up as communication needs grow.

With only a one-off purchase fee, walkie-talkies have no such charges, and most are cheaper to purchase than even a low-cost smartphone. Additionally, walkie-talkies are manufactured to be rugged enough to stand up to the rigours of the workplace.

Walkie-talkies are a versatile solution

Walkie-talkies are a communication solution that works across a variety of industries and scenarios.

Whether it’s a robust and waterproof set for the often-harsh environment of a manufacturing plant or a lightweight set with a discreet earpiece for the reception desk, there is a two-radio solution to suit.

The secret is out

Great communication is the key to effective collaboration. Companies that are in the know understand this and utilise effective tools to facilitate it.

For an all-in-one solution to improved communication, two-way radios can’t be beaten. If you want to discover more about how walkie-talkies can help your business, contact us today.