Event organisation usually requires the use of walkie-talkies to facilitate communication between organisers. When there are large crowds of people, they are undoubtedly a critical communication tool for any organisational staff helping to supervise spectators and attendants, promptly deal with security issues and also comply with safety and health requirements.

Whether it’s a music festival, a wedding reception, a sports event or an industry trade show, the use of walkie talkies allows all users to communicate with a simple push of the PTT button to one or more VHF UHF radios positioned at the same frequency, providing instant communication between staff members and supervisors.

Robust and resistant they are able to withstand any event helping you be permanently connected with your team, discreetly and effectively.

By using professional two-way radio equipment for events, you will be able to establish a constant and simultaneous fluid communication with your team’s staff within a distance of up to 5 km, to carry out the event in a satisfactory manner.

What are the advantages of using walkie-talkies for events?

And yes, we know, you’re going to say, “If we have mobiles, we do not need anything else.”

Walkie-talkies can´t compete with a cell phone in terms of flexibility, but during certain activities, they work out better and are easier to use.

The truth is that you do need them and let us tell you why.

First of all, by the coverage, some spaces don’t have good mobile coverage, and as the walkie-talkies do not use satellite, you will not have that problem. And secondly for how discreet and comfortable they are.

Instant Communication – Free to use,each two-way radio in a set is always available to the other whenever it’s within range so that one can talk to another person without needing for the other person to answer the call.

Motorola Walkie-talkies like the Motorola T82 extreme twin pack are very easy to use, have great battery autonomy and can be comfortably carried on the belt, keeping hands free to prepare the event without the risk of losing it. And with multiple channels, each department (cleaning staff, security staff, first aid staff, car parking staff) can be on separate frequencies to distribute the load and help avoid confusion.

With walkie-talkies, you don´t need to use your mobile phone, with the consequent savings in calls and battery, reserving it for times when you might really need it.