Case Studies – Jim Good Agri

Jim Good Agri Contractor Ltd is based in Cork and is one of the largest agricultural contractors in the industry.  When they required two way communications they turned to Lynn Communications Ltd to provide a solution.

The aim was to continue using their analogue equipment whilst gradually migrating to digital technology.  Apart from 100% coverage, they wanted the new digital radio system to be flexible and functional.  They believed this would help improve health and safety throughout the staff team and increase efficiency.

The requirement to design an integrated digital/analogue radio system posed a challenge for Lynn Communications design engineers.

Our Solution

Lynn Communication created a bespoke platform that enabled the digital radio users to communicate with the existing analogue radios, while still benefiting from the advantages of digital technology.

Lynn Communication performed several tests and trials.  From these we concluded that the Kenwood TK-D840 radio was the best option.

Lynn Communications provided over 20 Kenwood TK-D840 which were installed in a wide range of agricultural vehicles.  The solution was a huge success and provided Jim Good Agri Contractor Ltd with consistent coverage and superb audio quality in every work situation.

“Lynn Communications worked very closely to ensure a seamless change between analogue and digital.  From the initial sale to installation and after sales service I cannot fault Tom and the team.  I would highly recommend Lynn Communications.”

Jim – Jim Good Agri Contractor Ltd