Why Walkie-Talkies May Be The Best Gift For Your Kids This Christmas

kids playing with walkie talkies

I am sure that for many parents thinking of the best gift for their kids this Christmas, walkie-talkies might not be at the top of the list. But in actual fact, walkie-talkies might just be the best and most versatile gift that you can give your kids. In today’s world, it seems that kids spend […]

The Need For An Effective Radio Communications System

Warehouse staff holding walkie talkies

There are a variety of activities that depend on accurate, timely communications between people, whether it be for commercial or recreational use. Sometimes you can’t remain in close proximity to somebody; that’s why an effective radio communications system is so important. Working in a warehouse may present the issue of being unable to keep track […]

Top Tips To Maintain Your Two Way Radio

Security guard taking care of his wakie talkie radio

Maintaining your tools is essential to keeping them in the best working condition, at Lynn Communications, you will find a professional team who knows how to keep your two-way radio in top condition. We provide customers with the best radio communication solutions by offering you high-quality equipment with a professional service. Whether you use them […]

What You Should Contemplate To Buy The Right Digital Two-Way Radio Accessories

Every organisation has its unique set of criteria for two-way radio communication. Construction workers frequently require noise-cancelling headphones. Long-shift security teams need batteries that can endure for several hours. Employees working in the petrochemical industry must use ATEX-certified gear. Buying a two-way radio isn’t enough. In order to have their radios working on full potential, […]

Things Companies With Excellent Internal Communications Already Know

Warehouse worker holding a walkie talkie

Great communication is essential for a workforce to operate efficiently. As companies that have put great emphasis on enabling smooth and easy-to-use collaboration methods have already discovered – effective communication means: Improved productivity Increased safety Increases efficiency Lower costs One of the tools that companies with effective communication can’t be without are two-way radios. Walkie-talkies […]

How To Choose The Best Walkie Talkie For Hiking And Backpacking Activities

Hiker talking over a walkie talkie in a mountain site

A set of walkie talkies makes it simpler and safer to remain in touch with your group, whether you’re going on a road trip or into the wilderness for a time. This is especially true when you’re off the grid without phone service. Weather warnings and emergency functions are included in the finest two-way radios, in addition […]

How To Choose The Best Walkie Talkie For A Road Trip

Group of friends inside a jeep checking planning a road trip

Taking on the open road can give much-needed downtime for hardworking professionals as well as provide great bonding opportunities for families and friends. Thorough planning, including taking walkie-talkies along for the ride, can help ensure a safe road trip. The perfect walkie talkie for a road trip is one that is economical, dependable, and capable […]

Two-way Radios Greatly Outperform Mobile Phones in Battery Longevity

Hiker holding a smartphone with low battery life

While mobile phones are effective communication devices, they are also known for their limited battery life. Because new mobile phones are essentially miniature computers, their batteries must be able to support a variety of tasks. Smartphones need energy even when they aren’t running apps since they need to power the touchscreen and operate background programs […]

How Top Industries Are Benefiting from Using Two-Way Radios

Construction engineer talking on a walkie talkie on a construction site

Not everyone is aware of the enormous potential of using two-way radios for communication. There are still people who believe two-way radios are devices suitable only for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities. But what about for business purposes? Industry leaders from various sectors have been employing two-way radios as a way to boost their […]

How Many Two-Way Radio Channels Do I Need?

Man with a walkie talkie radio on a company event.

For short, you should have the same number of two-way radio channels as the number of teams that make your staff. There are plenty of options available in terms of business two-way radios. Knowing just how many channels your business requires and some other basics on how two-way radio channels work will help you choose […]