Licensed ATEX Radios

In Ireland and Europe the ATEX Directives are adopted, and in essence, Health & Safety Managers should assess the potential risks and take appropriate action with storage, use, protection and signage of any potential hazard.

Hazardous areas and potentially explosive environments are normally marked with the “EX” sign and any equipment used in this type of environment must also meet the ATEX Directive and be labelled as such accordingly.
When Two-way radio equipment is to be used in a hazardous environment, an assessment of the potential explosive mixtures can be made and suitable rated equipment chosen, based on risk and budget.
Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust, on an oil gas rig, or in an open mine are carefully taken into consideration, and all equipment and protective systems must be ATEX certified.
ATEX approved radios are manufactured to very tight requirements and the highest manufacturing standards to reduce and eliminate all risk of generating the minimal spark as well as heat produced by the device. From the radio casing to batteries, everything has to be constructed for safety.
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