Motorola Licensed Radios

Discover our range of Motorola licensed two-way radios. It includes digital and analogue radios, repeaters, base stations and vehicle radios.

Licensed two-way radios can be essential tools to help boost your business productivity by providing instant, reliable, private communication between your workforce.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

For accessible communication throughout your team, MOTOTRBO digital radios can be your best solution for all your projects and assignments. The MOTOTRBO collection includes repeaters, digital portable and digital mobile radios.

Motorola portable radios come in different sizes. You can find both sleek and lightweight walkie-talkies, same as more scalable radios with larger screens that will fulfil all imaginable preferences and requirements.

Our offer of portable Motorola digital 2-way radios from the MOTOTRBO range includes models from SL, DP4000 EX, DP4000e, DP3000e and DP2000e series. On the other hand, the collection of base stations and vehicle radios from the same range is packed with models from the DM4000e series and DM1400 Motorola digital mobile radio.

Suppose you are instead looking for the MOTOTRBO™ digital radio repeater that will improve the connection coverage for your whole team wherever they are. In that case, you can choose different models from their SLR series on our pages.

Whatever model you choose, whether working in quiet or noisy environments, we are sure you want a fast and clear response on both ends. With Motorola MOTOTRBO licensed digital radios from our collection, you will surely get the best possible result.

Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding MOTOTRBO mobile and portable radios and reapeters; we will be happy to help you.

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