Saver Six Packs

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If you are looking for a secure, reliable, and versatile communication solution for your business, then our saver six-pack makes it easy. Licensed radios offer superlative performance from radios that are robust enough to withstand and operate in the harshest of conditions.

Our saver six-pack features radios from manufacturers like Motorola. This means you can be certain that you are buying radios you can trust from a manufacturer that sets the standards that others struggle to follow.

Buying one of our saver six-packs is a great way to save on the cost of your radios. But at Lynn Communications, we like to offer more – When you buy your licensed radios from us, we also offer a free programming service so that your radios are set up perfectly for your requirements. Additionally, we also apply for a Comreg license on your behalf!

Contact us today and speak to our experts, who can help you select the perfect licensed radio for your needs.

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