Kenwood Licensed Radios

For businesses that rely heavily on effective communications – Licensed radios are an essential tool. At Lynn Communications, our range of Kenwood licensed two-way radios offer fantastic performance and reliability.

Kenwood is one of the most trusted names in licensed radios, and Lynn Communications has a wide range of Kenwood radios to choose from. Our range includes digital radios, analogue radios, base stations, and repeaters.

Licensed radios help to boost business productivity by streamlining communications. Compared to unlicensed radios, licensed radios provide:

  • Improved Audio Quality
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security
  • Instant and Reliable Communications
  • Improved Safety in the Workplace

Lynn Communications has made the process of buying and setting up your Kenwood Licensed two-way radio solution easy. Not only do we have a free programming service, but we can also assist you when applying for the required Comreg license.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of Kenwood Licensed two-way radios.

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