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How to Choose the Best Walkie-Talkie for Winter Activities

A hiker talking over a walkie talkie on a mountain snow landscape.

Whether it is for commercial or personal use, walkie-talkies are versatile tools that can help maintain safety and productivity during the dark winter months. Choosing the right walkie-talkie for winter is important. After all, this being an Irish winter, there is a definite chance of rain! So, waterproof radios should always be on the checklist. […]

A Guide to Motorola Walkie-Talkies

Motorola Walkie Talkies range

Whether for commercial or domestic use, Motorola has a perfect set of two-way radios for the job. Motorola is one of the most trusted brands in the world and has a long heritage of manufacturing top-quality walkie-talkies. Two-way radios are the perfect communication solution for many types of businesses. Among the sectors that heavily rely […]