What are two-way radios?

Two-Way radios are devices which can both receive and transmit audio (voice). They allow for individuals to keep in touch with each other and communicate using radio waves.

There are different types of two-way radios available depending on their characteristics; handheld radios (commonly known as walkie-talkies), stationary radios, and radios which can be applied to vehicles such as those of truck drivers and taxis.

How do two-way radios work?

These devices work by using a radio receiver that interprets the information on the received radio waves. Two-way radios also include a tuner in the receiver to help sort out the various frequency signals.

What is the difference between analogue two-way radios and digital two-way radios?

Digital two-way radios provide an upgrade in terms of audio quality, range and coverage when compared to analogue two-way radios. Digital two-way radios also offer new functions like built-in GPS, individual calling, lone worker, or noise cancelling.

What is the difference between non-licensed and licensed two-way radios?

Non-licensed two-way radios are usually less expensive and generally used for recreational activities like camping or hiking and for light industrial or small business use where great coverage is not required. This type of radios already come ready to use with pre-programmed frequencies.

Licensed two-way radios, on the other hand, require a license to operate are designed for business use. They are more robust, have more coverage, and are generally more expensive.

They come with plenty of features and functionalities as standard, and above all, these radios have a dedicated frequency which makes them much more secure.

What is the typical battery life for a two-way radio?

The normal battery life for a two-way-radio is between 8 to 12 hours, depending on usage.

Can I use my two-way radios in other countries?

License-free radios can be generally used in most European countries without any problem. Licensed two-way radios on the other hand, and as the name suggests require a license from the country they are to be used in. If you plan on using your licensed two-way radio abroad, it is advisable to ask for a license in advance.

What type of chargers are available for my two-way radios?

There are multiple solutions available which include travel and in-vehicle chargers not to mention the most typical single-unit and multiunit chargers.

How can I enhance the performance of my two-way radios?

There are multiple two-way radio accessories that are designed and built specifically to boost and upgrade the performance of the devices including headsets, earpieces, chargers, antennas, batteries, belt clips, carry cases, plus much more.