Personal Panic Alarming

If you feel unsafe or threatened, you can at any time press our panic buttons (ID Badge, Panic Button, Smartphone App).

Our cutting-edge personal panic alarms are designed to provide you with peace of mind and immediate assistance at the touch of a button. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, our panic alarms are your reliable safety companion.

The emergency response center or first responders will receive the alarm message immediately, with all the necessary information needed to take action and react.

How Do Your Staff Get Notified About The Alarms?


Smartphone App Alarm Screen

Smartphone app integrates seamlessly with our devices, transforming your phone into a reliable panic alarm. The app’s alarm screen displays vital information and enables swift communication with emergency services.

Desktop Alarm Pop-Up

This is a convenient and discreet way to receive emergency alerts and notifications directly on your computer screen. Stay informed and take immediate action with a discreet pop-up that ensures you never miss a critical update, even when you’re focused on your work.

Alarms on wall mounted Screens

For businesses and organisations, our alarms on wall-mounted screens serve as a centralized hub for managing emergencies.

Inside the Control Room:

Outdoor Map

The outdoor map displays the precise position of any employee working outside, ensuring their safety in remote or hazardous environments.

Indoor Map

The indoor map feature outlines the exact locations of employees inside the premises, allowing for quick response and evacuation strategies. Enhance your emergency response capabilities with real-time insights, allowing you to swiftly navigate and deploy resources to ensure the safety of everyone within your premises.

Alarm Display

Our alarm display provides an easy-to-use visual representation and management of alarms of all active alarms. It offers comprehensive management features, allowing you to prioritize and handle emergencies efficiently. The system’s intuitive interface ensures that even in high-stress situations, you can navigate and respond effectively.