Real Time Location System

An RTLS solution protect people by providing real time information about their location when in need and giving rescuers a tool for quick response.  Users benefit from a unique platform combining indoor and outdoor positioning with the solutions automated emergency alarm handling.

Our RTLS utilises a combination of innovative sensors, tags, and a robust software platform to provide precise and up-to-the-minute location information. Effortlessly track and monitor assets, personnel, and equipment, optimising workflows and reducing operational costs.

Real-Time Location Solutions

The Real Time Location System (RTLS) integrates several technologies in one solution:

  • Bluetooth for indoor positioning.
  • GPS positioning when outside the building.
  • Support for Smartphones, DMR and TETRA radios as well as GSM panic alarm devices.
  • Integrated with Zonith Bluetooth ID Badge and Zonith Panic Button.

Another benefit of the RTLS solution is the ability to utilize geo fencing, which are freely defined virtual boundaries, used to determine location.  A geo-fence can be given logical names such as “Parking Lot” or “Front Entrance” which allows staff to instantly know where an incident has occurred.

For indoor positioning you can locate employees using a Bluetooth receiver or beacon.  Depending on what solution you choose the Bluetooth beacons will be either connected to the buildings LAN or operate wireless with a long life battery providing the necessary power requirements.

Real Time Location System

RTLS system