Retail Safety Solutions for Increased Security

Are you concerned about the rising incidents of customer confrontations in the retail industry? Whether you work in a shopping mall, or a retail establishment, or provide security services, our comprehensive retail safety solutions are designed to keep you protected. With our innovative safety package, you’ll have discreet access to immediate support, ensuring your safety no matter where you are in the shop or mall.

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Introducing Lynn Communications Safety Package

Currently, shops may have a panic alert button mounted beneath the cash register or service desk. In many cases, only a single panic button serves many employees. Employees out of range the panic alert button often have no chance to call for assistance when an incident occurs.

With Lynn Communications’ safety package, each staff member is equipped with a name badge featuring a discreet panic alert button on the back, ensuring every individual has the means to call for assistance. Additionally, all cash and service desks can be installed with wireless, fixed-mounted panic alert buttons.

Our innovative system allows staff to call for immediate assistance from anywhere in the shop. By combining real-time panic alerting with precise positioning information, help is directed swiftly to the exact incident location, saving valuable time during emergencies.

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Apart from staff panic alerting, alarms from freezers, fridges, ventilation, emergency doors etc, can be handles by this solution.
By mounting small, cost effective wireless IoT (internet of things) sensors, it is possible to monitor everything from temperatures and humidity to movement.
Alarms from technical installations can be sent directly to the shopkeeper’s smartphone or maintenance engineer.

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Ensure the Safety of Your Retail Environment

Elevate the security standards in your retail environment with our advanced retail safety solutions. Experience enhanced protection, efficient response times, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Contact us now to learn more about our retail safety package and secure your retail establishment today.

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