Telephone Integration

Enhancing Telephone Integration for Seamless Communication

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Lynn Communications’ cutting-edge telephone integration solution. Our innovative system seamlessly links your digital radio network with any available telephone connection, whether GSM or VSAT. In addition, we offer an array of advanced features, including one-touch emergency handling complete with GPS location tracking, redefining how you approach communication solutions.

Teleconnect is one of many interconnected applications common to our solution, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions.

Key Features:

Supports PTSN/GSM/VoIP connections.

Versatile Connection Compatibility: We empower your communication network by supporting PTSN, GSM, and VoIP connections, ensuring that technological boundaries do not limit your reach.

Access Control/Authentication on inbound calls.

Trust your inbound calls with our authentication protocol, granting you control over who can access your communication streams.

Interactive Voice Response menu, fully customizable and multilingual.

Craft personalised interactions with our fully customisable and multilingual IVR menu, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Failover to alternative connections.

Prepare for contingencies with automatic failover to alternative connections, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication even in challenging scenarios.

Restrict outbound calls to known number and/or pattern matching

(e.g. block calls to premium rate numbers)

Take charge of your outbound calls by restricting them to known numbers or specific pattern matches. Safeguard your communication from unwanted disruptions, such as premium rate numbers.

Call logging and voice recording.

Gain insights into your communication patterns with our robust call logging and voice recording features, aiding in analysis and quality assurance.

Radio text to SMS.

Convert radio text to SMS, seamlessly bridging the gap between your radio and SMS communication channels.

Inbound calling to individual radios and group.

Receive inbound calls on individual radios or within designated groups, streamlining communication for targeted responses.

Outboard calling to pre-set numbers and free dialing.

Effortless Outbound Dialing: Our system enables outbound calling to pre-set numbers while also allowing free dialling, granting you flexibility in reaching out.

Telephone Integration with Digital Radio System

Elevating Communication Through Integration

Lynn Communications’ telephone integration elevates your communication capabilities to unprecedented heights. Our holistic approach, complete with versatile connectivity options and an array of advanced features, redefines how you approach communication solutions. Embrace the future of communication by experiencing the power of integration with Lynn Communications.