Airports are busy, bustling places all year round. Large international Airports, as well as the much smaller domestic ones all, rely on a particular thing (in order to allow everything to run smoothly) and that is communication!

Communication has to be efficient and effective to allow crews to get their job done at such a fast pace. Think about the amount of traffic involved when thousands of passengers are flying in and out daily, not to mention the amount of baggage that passes through the system. And then there are flight logs and time logs which are paced at strict deadlines and maintenance workers who have to be on call at any minute. It’s no surprise then that Airports use Two-way Radios (and have done for many years) because they are such an effective method at facilitating communications at such fast pace.

Digital Push

Digital Push has really helped to vamp up security within our Airports. This addition to Two-way talk radio systems offers quick fast emergency alerts to crews with the push of a button. Ground crews can communicate during any crisis or situation discreetly; the push of a button will simply send emergency alerts and notifications to the appropriate parties sharply.


Due to ever-increasing safety threats, Airport security also has had to increase tenfold, making the PTT two-way Radio a much-needed piece of equipment, when living in such dangerous times. It could be anything from suspect packages to suspect passengers or even in the case of a medical emergency; passenger safety is paramount.

Sound quality

The sound quality in any Airport is generally poor. With all the hustle and bustle of passengers, crews, Planes taking off and landing, baggage loading and all the general machinery that surrounds it’s quite hectic and frantic. Airports use Walkie-Talkies to communicate with crews because they’re highly effective communication systems, specially designed to filter out background noise whilst enhancing voice communication, so they are ideal pieces of equipment to use. 


The instant push of a button is the best method of communication used by Airport Grounds control. Time is generally limited and due to the vast size of the facility, scrambling around trying to locate crew, and staff members is an impractical stance to take. Two-Way radios diminish the hassle by offering fast communication effortlessly. With reliable two-way radio devices like the Motorola T92 H20 twin pack, security is not jeopardised in any way because there are no communication delays and vital information can be passed instantaneously, which for any working Airport Crew is a given considering how stressful the job in itself can be.