A set of walkie talkies makes it simpler and safer to remain in touch with your group, whether you’re going on a road trip or into the wilderness for a time. This is especially true when you’re off the grid without phone service. Weather warnings and emergency functions are included in the finest two-way radios, in addition to communication with your group.

Including walkie talkies as part of your baseline kit on your next vacation to the great outdoors, unless you’re going it alone, might prove to be one of the wisest decisions you’ll make. They may also be a fantastic source of entertainment for family trips. When all of the players are equipped with two-way radios, a game of hide and seek may be taken to a whole new level! Walkie talkies are also a fantastic system to keep connected if you have companions that trek at various speeds. They can also be essential in an emergency because they operate whether the grid is up or down.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some advice on picking the right two-way radio for your purposes. Read on as we’re about to get started!

How to pick the best Hiking & Backpacking Walkie Talkie

When looking for great hiking walkie talkies, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dimensions and weight

Shop for units based on their size, shape, and weight, especially if you’re going camping. You’ll want a radio that isn’t too heavy or bulky, so look for an ergonomic design as if you’re a skier or mountaineer so that you can use it with gloves.

  • Channels

The ideal walkie talkie for trekking should have as many channels as possible. This assures you’ll have additional communication choices, especially if you’re climbing or trekking in a popular location. There will possibly be a large number of individuals utilising two-way radios. In this situation, a high number of channels will ensure that each group member may send the message smoothly with no interference.

  • Longer battery life

As you know, there are no charging stations in wooded areas. As a result, make sure you buy quality walkie talkies for trekking that has long battery life. Check to see whether it will continue for at least 6-10 hours.

  • Water Resistance

Mountains are unpredictable; therefore, it’s critical to invest in good quality walkie talkies that can withstand the elements. This way you won’t have to worry about any problems in the event of severe rain.

Which Walkie Talkie is best for The Great Outdoors?

The majority of climbers prefer handheld walkie talkies from top brands like Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera because of their ability to provide excellent audio quality over a long distance.

How to use Two-Way Radios

To radio waves, scattered trees and shrubs are largely transparent or “translucent.” So, even in wooded or mountainous areas, two-way radios are typically capable of delivering short-range signals.

Ensure you and the other radio operator have a good line of sight to maximise the range. As you raise your position, your ability to extend your range will improve. Getting a high elevation over an otherwise level region might help you get the most out of your radio’s range.


Communication in the outdoors is essential. It could just help your group stay connected, or it could provide critical help in a life-threatening emergency.

Whether you’re on a hiking path and want to push ahead yet at the same time keeping in touch with the other people you’re with, or you’re going on an adventure with pals and want to stay in touch for navigational or safety reasons, Two-way radios help you stay in touch over long distances,

These radios are a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast, whether for occasional or daily use.