Factories are extremely busy working environments, production lines need to maintain a continuous flow in order to keep up with the schedule and to deliver by expected targeted deadlines. Of course, things go wrong from time to time, machinery breaks down, workers may feel unwell (and have to leave early) or it could something else that interferes with the production line, therefore what is vital on any factory floor is good communications.

Communications has to be fast and efficient therefore Walkie Talkies are often used because- without interruptions- it works perfectly fine; it enables quick and precise communication between staff and it’s the most reliable method of doing so. Mobile phones are great but without a signal they are completely useless, trouble is on most factory floors-with all sorts of machinery and other things going on- it tends to have some affect on mobile signal which is why Two-Way-Radios are the most efficient way to communicate at work.

Main Benefits:

  • Programming- The Digital Radio is ideal as it can be programmed to send alerts, these alerts are vital especially when a machine breaks down and maintenance is required promptly. Alerts can instruct managers and engineering rapidly so that issues can address without delay.
  • Coordinate- Most factories have supervisor roles to oversee and coordinate the workplace to meet deadlines, effective and precise communication is vital for any plant manager role.
  • Health and safety– Unfortunately accidents at work can happen and factory workers tend to be of high risk, due to number of hazards and complex and dangerous machinery. In the event of any accident fast and precise communication is paramount.
  • Noise– Noise is often the issue when it comes to factory; it’s difficult to be heard in close proximity let alone from a distance, digital radios are not affected by any amount of noise and each person is sure to be heard clearly.
  • Less interference– Productivity is less affected when workers can remain at the station, if someone needs to be contacted, due to faults on their machine or anything else that’s interrupting work it’s better to have fast communication through radio than running around a factory trying to locate the right person.
  • Organisation- An effective workplace is an organised one, with fast and precise radio control communication, things such as breaks for staff, alternating the programme and adhering to staff needs is easily managed with good organisation.

Unique features of Walkie-talkies for Manufacturing:

  1. Instant communication with a touch of a button;
  2. Long batter life (approx 8 hour charged) and can be changed per shift;
  3. Durable and robust, it can withstand almost anything, falls, dust, water, heat etc
  4. Can be heard in loud busy environments when it’s often difficult, plus has extra accessories to fit any purpose requirement.
  5. Added safety features offer alerts such as, staff required to area, man down etc