Walkie Talkies for Children

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Kids Walkie Talkies

Are you looking for a present for your kids, that will not only provide them hours of fun but also be a great tool for strengthening teamwork and building your child’s communication skills? So why not shop our range of kids’ walkie talkies that are perfect for children’s use?

Our Kids Walkie Talkies make a great gift for your children as well as an effective communication tool for indoor and outdoor family activities!

Not only are Walkie Talkies beloved by kids of all ages, they’re also the perfect solution for worried parents who want to avoid giving their children phones! No need to worry about your child being exposed to a smartphone — a walkie-talkie is a perfect alternative. It allows parents to stay in contact with their kids while they are roaming around the neighbourhood with their friends. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about reaching your child! The communication line between you and your children can always be open, and you’ll know your child is safe without giving them a more valuable item to run around with.

Whether it be indoors around the house or out playing in the garden, these short-range two-way radios are easy to use and come working out the box.

Kids Walkie Talkies Main Advantages:

Due to their compact ergonomic design and uncomplicated push-to-talk buttons, they are very easy to use and fit comfortably in children’s hands.
Perfect for real-time monitoring, with an impressive range our Motorola Walkie talkies can help you stay connected with your kids especially during outdoor activities.
Their long-lasting battery life will allow your children to play nonstop, keeping them entertained for hours.

Quality Motorola Solutions

We supply only the best quality equipment from the market industry leader Motorola Solutions and being a platinum dealer, we can offer a fantastic quality-price ratio to our customers. We bridge the divide between affordability and high-quality with amazing specifications and supreme materials.

Furthermore, our prices and deals make them excellent presents. So, don’t wait any longer. The latest craze on the market is the T42 model. It has a massive range of 4 km, and you can always let your kids customise it with some colourful stickers.

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