Maintaining your tools is essential to keeping them in the best working condition, at Lynn Communications, you will find a professional team who knows how to keep your two-way radio in top condition. We provide customers with the best radio communication solutions by offering you high-quality equipment with a professional service. Whether you use them for recreational use, security or business Highland Wireless have the top tips for keeping your two-way radios in top condition.

Your two-way radio will work the same way as any other tool, it is at its best when properly cared for. Neglecting your tools can lead to malfunctions when you need them most. To avoid this, you must keep on top of maintaining your two-way radios.

If you are a two-way radio owner you already know how useful of a tool they are, so doing something as simple as checking the manufacturer’s instructions in your owner’s manual to ensure you are keeping your two-way radio in good working condition can go a long way.

At Lynn Communications, our number one priority is to make sure your two-way radios are in tip-top condition, so you never have to worry about being unable to use your radio communication tools.

Importance Of The Owner’s Manual

The best place to start when maintaining anything is to check the manual; in the case of a two-way radio, that is the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is there to keep you briefed on all the information you need, including the manufacturer’s operating instructions, so that you can properly use your two-way radio without damaging it.

Not only that, but inside the owner’s manual, you will also find a troubleshooting guide in the case that your two-way radio may become damaged or malfunction.

Less Water, Less Problems

Many people will see a ‘waterproof’ product and assume they will always work perfectly after prolonged exposure to water, but that may not be the case. No matter what product you are using, there will be limits to how much water it can be exposed to. To best avoid water damage, keep your two-way radios stored in a dry place and if they are explicitly ‘waterproof’ use them in contact with water only for a least amount of time possible.

Safe And Sound Storage

As already stated, keeping your two-way radio stored in a dry environment will keep it safe from potential water damage. In addition, it is common to keep your two-way radio by your side, so to keep it as safe as possible, it is advised to purchase a carrying case to keep your radio safely holstered when not in use.

Dust, Debris and Ventilation

Any handheld device can gather dust, debris and grime, so to best prevent this from happening, it is recommended you regularly clean your two-way radios. Simply dusting your radio can go a long way to keeping it in working condition, wiping it down and making sure nothing is prohibiting it from functioning properly can prevent malfunctioning controls. The heat vents found on your two-way radio are an open door to dust and debris for getting inside your device. Keeping the vents clear will allow for proper ventilation of your radios and will help prevent overheating.

Premium Battery Power

Your device needs batteries, so don’t disregard how important battery quality is. The last thing you want is leakage and corrosion due to battery failure, so you must invest in premium quality batteries. Make sure to regularly check and change your batteries to avoid any battery-related issues. Keeping your device powered without issue will lead to a better user experience.

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