Every organisation has its unique set of criteria for two-way radio communication. Construction workers frequently require noise-cancelling headphones. Long-shift security teams need batteries that can endure for several hours. Employees working in the petrochemical industry must use ATEX-certified gear.

Buying a two-way radio isn’t enough.

In order to have their radios working on full potential, businesses must consider worker demands and enhance the efficacy and functionality of their radios using two-way radio accessories.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the accessories available for specific industries, as well as how they help workers in those fields.

For Construction Environments, Digital Two-Way Radio Accessories

The durability, ease-of-use, and audio clarity of two-way radio communication solutions are critical in construction situations, where there is a lot of noise, transport, and work with heavy machines and materials.

What should you look for in a two-way radio? Two-way radios can be configured with a variety of accessories to meet these needs.

●       Headsets with noise-cancelling

When drills, cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery are in use, speaking over the noise might be difficult.

Noise-cancelling headsets like the 3M Peltor PMR446 Litecom Two Way Radio Headset are quite useful. With them, external noises will be muted, the user’s ears will be protected, and incoming and outgoing speech transmissions will be amplified. Users can also use a remote speaker and microphone combo, if they don’t wish to wear an earpiece.

●      Headsets with hands-free and voice-activated technologies

Workers use dangerous machinery. Consider investing in a hands-free or voice-activated solution to allow workers to safely communicate while operating heavy gear.

Voice-activated headsets do not require the user’s input. Voice Operated Transmission is used in these headsets, allowing for hands-free operation.

●      Carrying solutions

Two-way radio carrying solutions are critical because they protect the radio from falls (and other workers), theft, and other environmental damage. A secure radio, as well as hands-free accessories, ensuring that communication is both safer and more efficient.

For Security Teams’ Mobility, Discreet, Reliable, And Easy-To-Use Digital Two-Way Radio Accessories

User-friendliness. Discretion is a virtue. Security teams face significant two-way radio issues; what accessories can aid with lightweight, discrete, and long-lasting communication?

●      Intelligent audio accessories and in-ear headphones

Distinctive communication is essential for everything from information sensitivity to fear avoidance. In these cases, you should connect high-quality and robust Motorola Solutions in-ear headphones instead of your two-way radio. Another option is to employ voice-activated transmission rather than a push-to-talk (PTT) button with a sensitive, built-in microphone that may be fastened to a collar or lapel.

These compact, lightweight, and unobtrusive in-ear gadgets are ideal for security personnel who need to maintain mobility and awareness while keeping communication private.

Batteries with a large capacity

Security personnel must be able to communicate continually throughout the day and when on the road, which necessitates the use of high-capacity batteries. Modern batteries use Lithium-ion Technology to give increased battery capacity without increasing battery size.

Radio Components for Petrochemical and Mining Applications

ATEX certification is also required for two-way radios and accessories used in the petrochemical and mining industries. Given the likelihood of a spark or heat generated by a device producing an explosion, putting worker health and safety at risk, ensuring equipment is authorised for usage in explosive/potentially explosive and dusty settings is critical.

Consider the following accessories:

●      Heavy-duty, noise-cancelling headsets certified for use in ATEX environments

Heavy-duty, noise cancelling ATEX headsets are built to perform flawlessly in explosive conditions, protecting the wearer from loud noises while filtering out ambient noise for clear communication. These headsets have a boom microphone and may be adjusted in volume so that the user is aware of ambient sounds, equipment, and warning signs in the area. For maximum functionality and comfort, several headsets can be mounted to helmets.

●      Hands-free, voice-activated headsets with ATEX certification

Construction workers, like those in the petrochemical and mining industries, are routinely exposed to dangerous machinery. Instead of reaching for their radio (putting themselves and others in danger), these employees may communicate while working machinery using an ATEX-approved, hands-free, voice-activated system.

This will allow people to continue working on their tasks while communicating with one another.

At Lynn Communications we can assist with two-way radio deployment and installation, as well as provide a variety of two-way radio accessories.

Regardless of your operating needs, we’ll collaborate to develop a custom communications solution and deployment approach.