Social distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now and rightly so since it’s the crucial thing we all should be doing in order to contain the spread of this very contagious virus (COVID-19). 

We need to minimise social contact as much as we possibly can. By doing so, we reduce the chances of us catching the virus and potentially spreading it to our loved ones and within our community.

Everyone is at risk of catching the virus. However, anyone who has underlying health conditions needs the utmost protection and need to be especially careful. People who are considered high risk include:

  • Older generations
  • People who have chronic long-term health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, etc.

Walkie Talkies are incredibly useful right now. They are easy to use regardless of age. Kids or elders would easily be able to operate these devices, and they are a fantastic way to help promote social distancing during this pandemic.

Although mobile phones remain the first line of communication, hand-held walkie talkies are an affordable, easy to use and durable alternative to help stay connected during the lockdown.

Advantages of using Walkie-Talkies during the social distancing Coronavirus crisis

These easy to use push-to-talk devices help to keep people connected during the lockdown. They are very useful for continuing communications between families, neighbours or local friends plus crucial for those key activities which remain open.


During these uncertain times, workplaces that have to remain open need communications between workers to be active while practising social distancing at the same time. Two-way Radios are very handy for managing this. A great cost-effective and quality option is the Motorola XT180 twin pack.

Walkie Talkies enable safe and effective communications in the workplace while crucially providing safety for employees.

Workplaces such as warehouses, logistics, construction sites, need to continue to operate while employees are staying at a two-metre distance from their work colleagues. 

Walkie Talkies provide swift communications at a distance.


Those who test positive for COVID19 with mild symptoms, or those coming home from abroad, are being asked to be quarantined in their homes. They may be isolated in one room, while their family is in another part of the house. 

Walkies Talkies enable swift and effective communications within the household at all times. This is especially important for the family member that is in recovery to be able to communicate with the other members of the family while in isolation.

Entertainment for Kids

These are not easy times for kids. Not only have they had their worlds turned upside down, but also, they now have to be stuck at home day in and day out.

 Without school, not being able to be with their friends or play sports, they can get easily bored. And once every activity has been explored already, what next? It’s hard trying to find things to do all of the time to keep them entertained during the quarantine.

Kids Walkie Talkies like the Motorola T42 triple pack are a great way to bring some entertainment into their lives. Kids can have loads of fun with two-way-radios, and they can also chat with their nearby friends whilst stuck in isolation. As long as they are on the same channel and within range to pick up communications, it’s a great way to allow them to have some fun with their friends. 

In these strange times and despite COVID19 having forced us to social distance ourselves from the rest of the world, walkie talkies help to manage this situation and make it a little easier.