Running and supervising public events like festivals, country fairs, or sporting competitions can be quite challenging, especially for those doing it on occasion. Those who do it regularly can immediately point out how vital coordination and communication are to ensure a smooth and successful operation.

Two-way radios are the go-to communication devices for event organisers and have been proven over the decades as exceptionally reliable tools. But it may not be a wise investment to purchase a fleet of radios if they are only to be used on one occasion. That is why a growing number of organisers are now choosing to rent two-way radios to handle their rare events be it displays, showcases, parties or others.  

Benefits of two-way radio hiring:

The full package

  • Covering short-term needs without investment associated with more extended use,
  • Hiring doesn’t require capital outlay,
  • Cut out hefty mobile phone charges for the event use,
  • Two-way radios assure effective, reliable communications for the event supervising staff,
  • Good coordination results in improved health and safety for personnel and guests.

If you need hiring two-way radios for a particular event, our team will provide every equipment you need to complete the task you have at hand. The delivered two-way radio hire package includes radio equipment catered to the event’s specific needs, respective eco-friendly rechargeable batteries, charger, a carrying case or belt clip for mobility and, in case it is required, licensing. 

If needed, we can also include earpieces, microphones, headsets or other accessories suitable for the provided radios. 

Hiring plans are not only for short-term uses, if you have a span of events or a long-term project, it is possible to arrange an extended plan for the time you desire.

Setups and Licenses

Depending on your specific use, the team at Lynn Communications can set up your two-way radios for that particular situation. 

It is possible to program multiple channels so that your staff can be split into teams or sectors, as per example, a general channel and then separate channels for the team at the reception, other for the team at the food area and so on. This is particularly useful for the central coordinator that can target messages to a specific group of people and not confuse the rest of the personnel.

If you are worried about applying for an Ofcom license for radiocommunication, you will be pleased to know that the walkie talkies and other two-way radios hired from Lynn Communications are covered by the company’s license. 

Also, if you are looking to program your own frequency, our team can do this free of cost, you just need to possess and provide an active Ofcom license. 

The Finest Experience

Lynn Communications is a family run two-way radio supplier, pushing customer experience as a priority by providing cutting-edge, reliable, top of the line equipment for every industry required. With over 20 years of expertise in two-way radio solutions, our experienced professionals will guarantee a quality experience while fitting your requirements with free advice for your communication needs.

We can supply your business with the highest quality modern devices with features from IP ratings for harsh weather and working conditions to ATEX radios for hazardous industries, also available to hire. 

Whatever your industry, we can tailor a solution for you. Contact us if you are looking to improve your communication or hire two-way radios. We will be happy to assist you.