Event Walkie Talkies

Lynn Communications supply two way radios to event management companies using only premium brand products. Event organizers know that hiring or purchasing the latest radio technology with top features and premium accessories increases security, safety and operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

The radios we recommend will be easy to carry, simple to use and operate and need minimal or no training. Where coverage is an issue, we can supply a repeater to boost the radio coverage and range, providing wall to wall coverage and maintaining seamless communication among staff during events.

Digital radios prove to be a huge success with event organizers for two main reasons.  The first being the exceptional audio quality from the radio dispelling ambiance noise and only transmitting the user’s voice.  The second being battery life, the battery life in a digital radio lasts up to 40% longer between charges compared to analogue.

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Recommended Features

Man Down Protection

The man down feature automatically alerts when lone workers are injured or fall unconscious.

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Lone Worker Protection

When working alone it presents many different risks such as work related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

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Real Time Location System

An RTLS solution protect people by providing real time information about their location when in need.

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