Maximising campus safety is paramount in today’s society, although using Walkie-talkies may seem like an outdated form of communication, it is, in fact, extremely logical to do so. Oftentimes, and even in a world of new-age technology, the simplest of methods are the utmost effective.

Two-way radio communication is the ideal for workplaces such as large offices and Airports; it’s also great for school, colleges, and universities. It enables simplicity when trying to communicate with colleagues but, more importantly, it enhances safety.

Educational Two-way communication and its uses

For efficient and instant communication within educational environments, Walkie talkies can be handy. When we consider how big the mass area is within schools, colleges, and universities, not only does it offer simplicity, but it also speeds things up rapidly. Mobile phones are extremely useful, but sometimes we have issues with reception, especially when the Wi-Fi facility is used by vast quantities, also these types of communication do come at a price. Walkie talkies are the efficient alternative method for reducing costs, and when it comes to Education, that is never a bad thing!

Who could benefit the most in schools?

  • Staff

Headteachers- need consistent communication between all user groups. Teachers and support workers, administrators, and catering could benefit too. Maintenance workers could benefit extensively, especially when having to respond to repair work on a quick-time basis. Students could also use Walkie-talkies for educational activities.

  • Grounds

Aside from those work within the educational environment, the grounds can be monitored more efficiently using walkie-talkies, for instance, car parking attendant especially when the school or college is holding an event. Ensuring safety within the educational environment is paramount when it comes to moving a lot of traffic on and off-site in a short space of time.

  • Events

Other events such as sports days, open days, and school performances could be organised far more efficiently with two-way communication between event organisers.

  • Safety

In the case of an emergency, such as fire drills, using walkie-talkies is a faster, more efficient way to communicate than using mobile phone devices.