Construction Two Way Radios

Like every sector health and safety is paramount. Our communication systems provide full coverage and guaranteed safety for your workers.

With the majority of construction work taking place outdoors and in harsh environments our radios have to withstand the elements and provide completely reliable solutions in all construction scenarios.

For most construction sites the radios mentioned provide the best coverage and audio quality Motorola Dp1400, Kenwood NX-1300, Motorola Dp4400e, Kenwood NX3320e2, Motorola Dp4801e.

If you are considering purchasing a digital radio communication system, you must obtain a Comreg license to allow communication over large areas. We can liaise with Comreg on your behalf to obtain your license.

On a large site, you may require a thorough on-site test to ensure we can achieve 100% coverage. On some occasion, the construction site is too big for just back to back radio communications.  If this is the case, we use a repeater to boost the transmission.

If there are one or multiple cranes on site Lynn Communication can provide and tried and tested solution for the driver and banks man. Our engineers customize the equipment and accessories so the crane operator can speak into a gooseneck microphone which is connected to their mobile radio installed in the crane. The operator transmits using a footswitch which makes this solution totally hands free allowing the operator to communicate with the banks man without having to remove his/her hands from the controls of the crane. Our engineers can also offer a crash channel if there is more than one crane on site. This allows instant communication with the other crane in the event of an emergency.

Contact our team here to discuss a communication solution and the best products for your construction site.

Case Study

Mc Aleer & Rushe are a family business that has grown into one of the UK’s leading design & build contractors.  After celebrating 50 years of business in 2017, they are very proud to maintain their steadfast reputation in the completion of major projects on time, on budget and to the highest quality of standards.

Mc Aleer & Rushe turned to Lynn Communications to solve their communication issues over their construction sites across Southern and Northern Ireland.

The requirement was to design a bespoke crane to ground communication solution which can integrate into a new digital communication system for the ground construction crews.  This posed a challenge for Lynn Communications design engineers.

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