Times change, things change, and society and business are no exception. Today, companies are looking to digitise their processes and implement technological innovations to increase productivity and thus facilitate work tasks. At this moment it can already be verified that in the hospitality and catering industry, the processes are being digitalised in an efficient and unstoppable way.

The new technologies have brought a brave new world to the hospitality and catering sectors. They have become, in a short time, staunch allies of the entrepreneurs who prefer efficient management of resources, personalised service and the satisfaction of their clients. Also, they are more and more technological and connected globally.

Nowadays, customers increasingly value efficiency in carrying out the operations of a hotel or restaurant. All customer enhancement will help you gain greater visibility in the face of your competition and consequently increase your customers’ demand for your business.

Tablets and other mobile devices

More and more we can see how the waiters serve us with Tablets and other mobile devices.

By implementing these devices, employees save unnecessary travel, as well as save time by not having to write the order and take it to the kitchen area. With the use of Tablets and other mobile devices, the order is automatically sent to the system, where it is accessible to all who need it, without the employee having to re-order. This represents an improvement in the ordering process that will have consequences for the speed of customer service.

Walkie talkies

Working at a restaurant or a hotel can be a tough and stressful task. As in all professional areas, hotel communication is a determining factor and can be an asset in catering and hospitality, often avoiding unnecessary travel, saving a few kilometres at the end of the day achieving more effective communication.

With the use of walkie talkies, continuous communication is maintained, efficient and discreet among employees.

With discreet and comfortable walkie talkies you can communicate with who you want when you need it, avoid having to search and shout, as well as miscommunication between employees.

In the various events that may occur in the restaurant and hotel, such as family meals, business, weddings, communions, conferences… it is vital that there is fluid communication so that the necessary tasks can be carried out. With the use of walkies, you can offer a better service, more organised and efficient.

Wireless pushbuttons, tellers and queue managers

Deliver the tell-tale to the customer as soon as he arrives, giving him the freedom to move around and avoiding massive queues. When you wish to notify the customer, simply press the number of the alarm from the transmitter base and the customer’s alarm will vibrate, touch and/or illuminate, indicating to the customer that the order is ready.

With the wireless pushbuttons and employee tell-tales, the customer pressing the wireless button automatically sends the employee a call to his wristwatch or the LED screen, thus notifying the customer that he is ready to place the order, payment or have any other matter to deal with the employee.

Charging stations

It’s a reality; many people are hanging on the smart phone while they eat.

Therefore, offer your customers additional service with charging stations so they can charge their mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. This service is ideal for adding value to your business, as your customers will thank you.

Do not wait any longer and follow the needs of society, implement new technologies in your business and enjoy the great benefits you will get.