The Easter holidays are fast approaching, and the summer holidays are just around the corner. For parents, this means it is time to face the annual challenge of keeping the kids amused.

If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! This article has some fantastic suggestions to keep the kids happy, enthused, and even educated, with great ideas for fun games that can be played with walkie-talkies.

Even in the age of the smartphone, kids love walkie-talkies. And so do parents! Walkie-talkies are robust (or kid-proof!), inexpensive, and simple to use. For instance, a pack of 6 kid-friendly Motorola Talkabout T42 Walkie-talkies can be purchased for less than the cost of a cheap smartphone.

Fun Games with Walkie-talkies

From classic games like hide-and-seek that can be given an extra twist with walkie-talkies to easter egg hunts – Walkie-talkies can make the holidays fly by! Here are just a few ideas to keep your kids entertained this year.

1.    Role-playing games

Kids love to role play; it is part and parcel of their healthy development. Walkie-talkies can take traditional role-playing games and elevate them to a new level. Here are just a few ideas, but with role-playing games, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Spies and Secrets

Let your kids be secret agents (or supervillains) with a game of spies and secrets. One idea is to set one team (the baddies) the goal of stopping their lair from being discovered and the spies the task of infiltrating it.

  • Explorers

Exploring is something that kids love to do. It is how they learn about the world they live in. Walkie-talkies can encourage this instinct by turning some they love to do anyway into something far more exciting.

  • Emergency Workers

Kids love to pretend they are in the police or haring towards a fire in their shiny fire engine. Walkie-talkies let them take this to a new degree of reality.

2.    Hide and Seek

Learning to work as part of a team is crucial for a kid’s healthy development. Walkie-talkies can turn the age-old game of hiding and seek into a fun exercise in teamwork.

One way of doing this is to give only the seeker a remote control. As the seeker finds other children, they are given a walkie-talkie too. Now they can use the walkie-talkies to coordinate the search.

3.    Easter Hunt

Although an Easter egg hunt is a seasonal game, it can be easily adapted to work at any time of the year as a scavenger or treasure hunt.

To get started, hide the egg (or the treasure) and set up some clues that are suitable for the age of the children playing to make sense of- But not too easy!

Now, you need to split the kids into two teams and hand out the walkie-talkies. This is another game that is great for building teamwork. Armed with a set of clues and their radios, the teams must organise themselves to find the eggs or treasure as quickly as possible.

An alternative is to give each team a single clue and give them the next clue over the radio once they solve the current clue.

4.    Follow the instructions

If you love the sound of children’s laughter, then you will love this game. Set up an obstacle course in your garden or play area, and then organise the kids into teams of two.

One kid from either team is blindfolded and has to be talked through the obstacle course by their teammate using the walkie-talkies. The fastest team to complete the course wins!

You can add time penalties for missing gates on a slalom part of the course or making contact with obstacles on the course.

5.    Hot and Cold

In this game, one player has to go and hide, and the other players must find them. Each kid is given a walkie-talkie and can communicate with the “hider”. The other kids are the seekers, and they can tell their hidden friends of their whereabouts over the walkie-talkie. The hidden player can only respond by giving hints like “hot” or “cold”.

The first player to find their hidden friend wins!


Treating your kids to a set of walkie-talkies this spring and summer will provide them with hours of fun day after day. Kids Walkie-talkies don’t break the banks and are tough enough to withstand the best efforts of even the clumsiest kid. Walkie-talkies can let kids make their imaginations go wild.

At Lynn Communications, we have a wide range of kid-friendly walkie-talkies in stock. Why not contact us today to find out more about walkie-talkies for kids.