A scene may show only a couple kissing, but, around the actors, there is a crowd of workers and a multitude of things occurring. Production Technicians from all areas check the sound, the light, the position of the actors, the camera, the continuity.

The crew on the set – where a movie or tv series is made – can range from a few tens to a few hundred people, depending on the size of the production. And many of them are equipped with Walkie-Talkies.

Anyone who is not accustomed to the environment of a large production set may end up wondering about the use of walkie-talkies by the filming crew.

The length of a professional shoot is usually extensive with lots of people on each day of filming. Movies and television production sets are busy and hectic environments, with many things happening simultaneously.

Every shooting day is planned in advance (in the pre-production phase). In the daily shooting plan, the day’s itinerary is tightly scheduled, depending on how convenient it is for production, ie, all scenes that share location and lighting (e.g., night … etc.)

Production has to prepare and run all the logistics, such as reserving the spaces where that day scenes will be shot, all the necessary material for the shooting, characterization, props, catering, as well as managing all the staff in the set from actors to extras.

Shooting time is precious, so prompt communication in the set is essential.

Having this in mind, a suitcase with walkie-talkies, batteries, chargers, and accessories is always present.

Walkie-Talkies are essential communication tools and the backbone of movie sets. They are prepared to meet the vast range of requirements and challenges presented on film production, responding with quality to the tasks each team member has and to the environment in which they are operating.

It’s unimaginable to stop everything and be yelling for a production assistant to help out with something or to be asking everyone where a specific person would be.

Efficient communication is essential on a shooting day to keep everything organized and up and running. Two way radios like the Motorola T92 H20 twin pack allow all teams present on the set to communicate quickly and clearly, keeping the crew connected when they’re out of sight or speaking distance and getting the job done more efficiently.

On the big screen, magic happens, but on location and on a budget, everything must run smoothly like clockwork.