Agriculture – Radios for Farms & Agricultural Vehicles

From smallholdings to large farm contracting two way radios play a vital role in ensuring health and safety to staff and employers across the sector. Reliable communications are a must when working in dangerous conditions. Whether you require radios for a small family farm or a large contracting fleet for a big agriculture business, we have a solution that has been tried and tested in every environment along with all the necessary range of accessories be it antennas, batteries or charges.

With the majority of farming tasks taking place outdoors, a waterproof radio is sometimes necessary, as well as being robust and capable of withstanding extreme working conditions for a prolonged period of time. We have shortlisted some radios here that we recommend.

For simple requirements in small farms such as a milking parlour and a few acres we would recommend a basic license free radio. View our Kenwood TK-3501, Kenwood TK-3701D, Motorola XT420 and Motorola XT460.

Licence free radios are simple to use straight out of the box with zero training required or any previous radio knowledge. This makes them ideal for this application.

For larger contracting fleets where machinery is being used across the country in large quantities, we would recommend using licensed digital radios.  Digital radios offer enhanced coverage and excellent audio quality. View our Motorola DM1400, Motorola DM4601e, Kenwood TK-D840, Motorola DP1400 & Kenwood NX-1300

If you are a farming contractor and require your digital radio communication system to be installed in your machinery fleet, we have an installation team that can provide this service to the highest standard.

If you are considering purchasing a digital radio communication system, you must obtain a Comreg license to allow communication over large areas. We can liaise with Comreg on your behalf to obtain your license.

Contact us here to talk about a possible solution for your farm and agricultural vehicles.

Case Study

Jim Good Agri Contractor Ltd

Jim Good Agri Contractor Ltd is based in Cork and is one of the largest agricultural contractors in the industry.  When they required two way communications they turned to Lynn Communications Ltd to provide a solution.

The aim was to continue using their analogue equipment whilst gradually migrating to digital technology.  Apart from 100% coverage, they wanted the new digital radio system to be flexible and functional.  They believed this would help improve health and safety throughout the staff team and increase efficiency.

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Recommended Features

Man Down Protection

The man down feature automatically alerts when lone workers are injured or fall unconscious.

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Lone Worker Protection

When working alone it presents many different risks such as work related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

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Asset Tracking

Hospital asset tracking solutions that provide staff with pin point locations on critical medical assets and devices.

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Recommended Products

Kenwood Base Stations / Vehicle Radios

Kenwood TK-D840E UHF DMR Mobile Radio