Walkie Talkies for Ports & Marine

Shipping is a key part of the global economy. Seaports are vast and filled with large shipping containers and vehicles to handle such containers. With deadlines and strict shipping times, management of such ports need to have a communication system that is efficient and reliable.

Lynn Communications offer a wide range of digital two way radios and equipment to help the flow of cargo and maintain safety and security at the dock. We can also supply a PTT Over Cellular or POC solution that we found works extremely well in this industry. POC works on the cellular network meaning there is no infrastructure required. Once you have cellular coverage, you can talk. This works very well for staff working remotely where they would normally be out of coverage from the conventional DMR system with POC. This is not the case it will work anywhere, anytime at the press of a button. You can also incorporate a PC dispatcher with this system to allow GPS tracking on each device as well as communication.

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Case Study

The Fast Group is a complete logistic service provider giving clients “Sofa Style Service”.  You decide what goods need to be transported, where and when. Then just sit back and relax while our staff takes care of the rest. With the enthusiasm you can expect from a young team.

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Recommended Features

Atex Solutions

Atex equipment is specifically designed for locations where explosive dust and gas occur.

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Lone Worker Protection

When working alone it presents many different risks such as work related verbal abuse, violence, accidents, illness or injury.

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Man Down Protection

The man down feature automatically alerts when lone workers are injured or fall unconscious.

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Fire Panel Integration

When the fire alarm activates, the system software matches the alarm requirements to the fire personnel on duty

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