Security Two Way Radios

Security and crowd control are one of the most important things to consider when organizing or holding a festival, indoor concert, conferences or demonstrations. Communication will also be high on the list of importance. Whether you are assessing first aid and medical assistance requirements, emergency and evacuation procedures or any other contingency measure, you need to plan your lines of communication. Two way radios from Lynn Communications are all from top brands like Motorola, Kenwood or Hytera and the natural solution on any of these scenarios.

Handheld two way radios are small, compact, lightweight and robust. They can withstand the elements and have a wide range of accessories like earpieces, remote speaker microphones etc. to assist in an easy straight forward communication solution.

At the touch of a button you can communicate with individuals or a large group. You can integrate text messaging or panic button emergencies into security control centers. Also active noise cancelling headsets are a fantastic addition to any radio system. These can be supplied with or without Bluetooth for wireless operation.

The possibilities are endless and Lynn Communications will design a bespoke solution for your event, security service, company or business.

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Case Study

BCS was established in 2014 and has since emerged as one of Ireland’s premier providers of DSP and Static security guarding numerous prestigious premises across the country. We have an extremely strong reputation for providing innovative and bespoke security solutions to the corporate, retail, shopping centre, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Management connected Lynn Communications requesting a simple easy to use communication system that is reliable and flexible to work in many different situations and environments.  BC Security at the time had an aging fleet of Motorola Cp040 analogue radios.  The aim of BC Security was to continue using their analogue equipment, whilst migrating to digital technology.

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