Portable two-way radios are fundamental tools and great allies for police and security work.

Instant communication is essential for security personnel. Two-way radios are a vital element of communication between security staff at large events or companies.

Radio communication enables security teams to communicate quickly and efficiently, allowing the immediate activation of a safety alert message for all staff in hazardous situations.

Security staff relies on them to communicate with other team members and raise security alerts. They need to be able to share concerns and identify threats as soon as they become apparent.

What advantages do Two-way radios provide?

  • With a two-way radio, security personnel are never alone

In this kind of jobs, you never know when you can have some setback that isolates you or when you’re going to need reinforcements. Not having a communication tool like walkie talkies would force you to face the situation alone.

  • Provide instant communications

Unlike what happens with mobile phones, with a mobile two-way radio you do not need to call and expect that someone answers. This communication tool allows you to communicate with your team members simply by pressing a button.

  • They do not depend on coverage

A mobile device needs coverage to be able to connect to another device. However, the two-way radios, while they are on the same frequency and within their radius of action, can be connected at any time. This advantage is vital if you develop your security actions in large areas or outdoors.

Two-way radios are indispensable elements for everybody that works in the security business.

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